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Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez

The Notorious B I G Ready To Die Zip Mediafire

I know a few really huge hip-hop heads who flat out don't like PE and/or refuse to listen to them. Chuck D isn't the greatest lyricist of all time and sometimes his lyrics just don't make any damn sense but I've always really loved the energy he brings to the table. If you didn't like Nation of Millions maybe check out Fear of a Black Planet. Some say it's even better than Millions. Life After Death is a bit uneven but in all honesty it is a VERY good follow up to Ready to Die since Biggie made sure to keep both camps happy- mainstream (Mo Money Mo Problems, my favorite Biggie song period, Hypnotize, I Love the Dough) and street (Kick in the Door, Ten Crack Commandments, Notorious Thugs). All of these songs are top notch in my opinion, and had the album been cut to one disc with all the best songs it might even surpassed Ready to Die in terms of quality. I am very narrow-minded when it comes to music. The closest thing to diversity on my iPod are a few film score albums and The End by The Doors. I would love to see a top 100 album list from you. Your film list has already led me to many new discoveries (I have seen your number one movie and enjoyed it, it was also my first Godard, not sure if I would have gotten into his films if it wasn't for this one).

The Notorious B I G Ready To Die Zip Mediafire


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