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Where To Buy Honor Cords \/\/FREE\\\\

Honor cords represent an exciting time in the life of a high-school or college graduate, butfor a student, teacher, academic advisor, or school administrator, you have more important things to worryabout come graduation ceremony time. If you want great looking tassels that arrive on time, without any surprises, you found them!

where to buy honor cords

Graduation cords are long, thin, colored ropes with tassels on each end that are worn around the neck during commencement ceremonies.These cords recognize graduates with academic honors or who have participated in certain groups or clubs, in colors determined by each school or club.Requirements for special merits, including cum laude, summa cum laude and magna cum laude, as well as which groups or organizationsmay qualify for cord honors, will vary from school to school. If you are unaware of your school's policies, please check with a school administrator.

Do your upcoming graduates need honor cords for their graduation ceremony?If you work with an educational institution, you need to purchase a large quantity of cords, or have special purchasing restrictions, don't worry,we've got you covered!

Additional recognition cord colors (other than what is listed on our website) can be arranged for bulk or recurring orders or for extended purchase contractsin cases where enough advance notice is provided.

Honor cords are symbolic of a student's achievements throughout their academic career, fromfreshman year all the way until the day you receive a diploma at the convocation assembly.either through accomplishing a certain grade point average (cords are often given to university undergraduates who obtained a minimum cumulative GPA in their undergraduate studies), being a member of a particular honor society or club, or graduating from a particular school ordepartment within the institution that grants graduation cords as keepsakes for that degree program.

Cords are available in three styles, including 180+ colors or color combinations. All cords are approximately 70 inches long with a 1/4 inch diameter. Tassels are each approximately 4" in length, making up a total of 8" of the 70" cord length.

An honor cord is worn draped over the neck like a shawl, so one side hangs from each shoulder. The middle of the cord, or knot if you have double or triple-tied cords, will sit immediately behind your neck. The tassels of the cord hang down evenly on each side. To lock down the perfect look, fasten the cord in place at the back of your gown with a safety pin before heading out of your dressing room.

The ropes graduates wear at commencement are called honor cords. These cords are only a quarter of an inch in diameterand sixty to seventy inches long, with tassels on either end usually matching the color of the cord or rope. Like other academic honors, they are worn to recognize key achievements by students, such as GPA, class percentile, or participation in extracurricular activities.

There are two main distinctions between cords; single color or twisted (2 or more colors), and double orsingle tied. Although there are no formal distinctions or traditions associated with a particular styleover another, each school may choose to have graduates use double-tied cords over single-tied. Whilethere is no distinction in price between colors or twisted/braided cords, double-tied cords are generallya more expensive option. Honor student cords are usually used during graduations by members of an honors society, fraternity or sorority, or department/school. Most graduation ceremonies will distinguish their summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude awards with the special honor cordworn around the neck at graduation or commencement events.

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Buy honor cord at Graduation Product1, and visibly recognize that your scholar, or will be graduating with high scores and flying colors. Graduation Product1 is the leading source of honor cords available in assorted colors, including Single Honor Cords, Double Honor Cords, Multi-Color Honor Cords, and many more. Another best thing about this online store is that you can purchase Graduation Honor Cord for as low as $0.99 and this could be lessened once purchase in bulk. So, what are you waiting for? Call the customer's hotline now and place your order. Graduation Product1 also offers customized graduation accessories that will surely bring a meaningful and colorful memory to the special time of your life.

Academic Honors Society Stoles and MedallionsStudents who are members of certain honors societies may be able to wear adornments specific to that society. Contact your honor society for find out if they offer academic stoles or medallions. These items are not for sale at the FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Any other non-academic stoles, cords, medallions or other adornments are not permitted. Altering of academic gowns is also not permitted, and will not be allowed to enter the Convocation Center.

Ceremonial cords are also available to students completing a curriculum within the University Honors Program: Interdisciplinary Honors, Departmental Honors, or College Honors (Departmental Honors plus Interdisciplinary Honors). For details, contact the Honors Program at or 206-543-7444.

Cords are for ceremonial purposes only and are awarded based on your current GPA at the time of your request. Honors designated on your diploma will reflect your final cumulative ASU GPA. Pick up honor cords at any University Registrar Services location.

Undergraduate students who qualify will be sent an email from the Office of the University Registrar informing them of their eligibility to purchase honor cords. Notification is sent approximately ten days prior to the event. Note: Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 graduates were not emailed because the commencement ceremony was virtual. Graduated students should check their unofficial transcript through PatriotWeb to verify that they received honors.


*Please note: Because the University Commencement date occurs prior to the completion of end-of-term processing, the determination of Latin honors (solely for the publication of the commencement program) is based on coursework and semester hours completed through the previous semester, as is the list provided for the purchase of honor cords.

Students who qualified for membership in registered Student Organizations, Honor Societies, or Department Discipline Honor Programs while attending KSU may wear approved regalia representing these societies/programs during the Commencement ceremonies. The only types of regalia items that may be approved are Honor cords, stoles, medallions, or pins. Students must contact the appropriate academic department or sponsoring student organization for more information on obtaining these items.

A faculty/staff representative of the academic department sponsoring the student organization must complete the Commencement Regalia Approval form. The KSU Bookstore is not responsible for ordering honors Commencement regalia. Students who are members of multiple honor societies may wear multiple pieces of regalia.

Graduates receiving honors for their undergraduate degrees are acknowledged at commencement by the public announcement as they cross the stage and the gold-colored honor tassels worn with the graduation mortarboards (caps).

University honor cords will be distributed at check-in on graduation day to those undergraduate or professional degree candidates who are candidates for graduation "with distinction" or "with highest distinction." Click here for GPA standards.

An honor cord is a token consisting of twisted cords with tassels on either end awarded to members of honor societies or for various academic and non-academic achievements, awards, or honors.[1] Usually, cords come in pairs with a knot in the middle to hold them together. Sometimes sashes, stoles, or medallions are given in place of cords. They are most often worn at academic ceremonies and functions. With cap and gown, and (sometimes) the hood, high school or university degree candidates have worn these cords at the discretion of the educational institution, but they are not usually worn with academic regalia after the academic year in which the honor was awarded. Unlike hoods and stoles, by tradition more than one cord may be worn at the same time.

At some universities, pairs of honor cords, in the school colors, indicate honors graduates: one pair for cum laude, two pairs for magna cum laude, and three pairs for summa cum laude. These are in addition to any cords for membership in an honor society.

All Undergraduate, Master's and Specialists degree candidates must have submitted and paid for their degree application by March 1, 2023 in order for their name to appear in the commencement program. All Undergraduate, Master's and Specialists degree candidates who have filed for degree and wish to participate in the Spring 2023 Commencement ceremony must reserve a seat. Candidates may reserve a seat free of charge from January 18, 2023 through March 31, 2023. Requests for seating after March 31, 2023 will incur a $100 late seating fee. Requests for seating after April 28, 2023 will not be honored and those students will not be allowed to participate in the Spring 2023 commencement ceremony. 041b061a72


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