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Groin Sorokin
Groin Sorokin

How Toontrack 24 Midi Packs Collection 101 Can Boost Your Music Production and Songwriting

hi i had the same problem you just described - the superior kit has no midi out so i can't play with it in any other software. i've been using the superior kit but i just can't get the way i want to play. i bought the superior kit after reading all the great reviews about it, and i was really disappointed. i finally gave up on the superior kit and am just using a generic drum kit. it sounds pretty good and it's still really easy to use. i just like using superior kit over generic because it's easier for me to get the way i want to play. if you get the generic drum kit, you'll have to learn how to edit and use midi out. if you have any suggestions, i'd love to hear them! thanks.

Toontrack 24 Midi Packs Collection 101

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hi i just found this site. the first thing i want to say is that the superior drumkit sounds fantastic. i've heard the other drumkits and this one (particularly the bongos) blows them out of the water. while the superior drumkit is great, i'm not a big fan of editing in midi. there are a lot of features in the superior kit, but it's too confusing to get the way i want to play with it. to get around that, i'm using the superior kit, but i'm adding it in through the midi port of "superior drumkit" in "toontrack" so i can edit them as i like. so now i have a superior kit and a generic kit. i have no idea how to edit the generic drumkit. when you say superior drum kit, do you mean superior drum kit or superior drumkit? i'm sorry if this question is a bit dumb.

i really like ezbass.. but it has some odd quirks that i still need to figure out. i feel that if you are heavily invested into the other toontrack drum products and already use their arranger in your workflow. it works well. but if you are doing a different workflow. it feels really weird having to keep flipping in and out of that ezbass arranger and then back out into the daw view to make the songs. i use cubase and a mix of kontakt and groove agent. for drums.


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