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Tyrion feigns agreement, saying that the peace must be kept. However, the discussion quickly turns sour when Tyrion brings up the subject of Janos's role in the murder of Robert's bastards, subtly accusing him of taking bribes from Cersei or Joffrey to carry out such a horrific crime, though Janos defends his position and hints that it was not Cersei who gave him the order. He also defends himself for betraying Eddard to the usurpers, claiming Eddard was a traitor who tried to buy his loyalty. Tyrion counters that Slynt had already been bought by Littlefinger and the Lannisters, and accuses Janos outright of being entirely lacking in honor. At this point, Slynt stands up and threatens Tyrion, but is interrupted by Bronn, who Tyrion claims is the new Lord Commander of the City Watch. Over Slynt's protests and threats that he has friends at court who will not stand for this, Tyrion has four Gold Cloaks seize Slynt, informing him that he does not trust him and is sending him to Castle Black to join the Night's Watch. Slynt is dragged from the Red Keep to board a ship bound for Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.[7]

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In A Clash of Kings, Janos doesn't personally kill Barra, but instead sends one of his subordinates, Allar Deem. Tyrion is still disgusted with Slynt (as he is in the TV series) because he happily passed on the orders to a man under his command, and was thus ultimately responsible for it. Deem is exiled to the Wall with Slynt, though Tyrion gives orders for Deem to be killed and thrown overboard before he arrives at Eastwatch.

Lord Slynt is not present during most of the Battle of Castle Black. He arrives with his crony Alliser Thorne at a very late stage of the battle, both of them contributing nothing to the battle, only interfering. They seize command of the castle and interrogate Jon roughly. They accuse him of oathbreaking, cowardice, and desertion. Maester Aemon assures them that Jon has already explained his deeds to him and Donal Noye, but they either do not believe him or do not care. Jon repeats what he said before, that he was acting on Qhorin's orders, but his explanations are rejected. Slynt taunts Jon by claiming that Eddard Stark died a traitor. Hearing these lies about his father, Jon's patience runs out and when Thorne grabs Jon, Jon attacks him. The Eastwatch men pull Jon off Thorne and he is locked in an ice cell. Four days later, he is released (as Aemon in that time has rallied several senior members of the Night's Watch to testify to Jon's loyalty, preventing Slynt and Thorne from executing him). Slynt and Thorne order Jon to go to Mance Rayder under the pretext of parley and assassinate him. Jon knows well that the wildlings will probably kill him on the spot, but he has no other choice but to do as he's told, knowing that a refusal will confirm the false accusations against him and give Thorne and Slynt an excuse to kill him. Jon also grudgingly acknowledges that the plan to assassinate Mance at the cost of his own life is the only viable plan they have left for saving the Night's Watch - though ultimately his meeting with Mance is interrupted by the arrival of Stannis Baratheon's army.

Janice Schubel told investigators she was watching the child with another relative the night before the child died. The two then gave the child to her father, Travis Schubel, in his shared bedroom with Thomas around 10 p.m., the warrant said. The next morning at 8 a.m., Janice Schubel said Travis Schubel asked her to watch the child while he and Thomas went to a methadone clinic. Janice Schubel said she could not, so Travis Schubel went by himself, according to the warrant.

Police said they spoke with Travis Schubel on the morning of Feb. 15 at the methadone clinic he frequents. He told investigators he went to sleep on Feb. 7 around 8:30 p.m. and woke up to Thomas rocking the baby around 10:30 p.m. He again woke up at 8:30 a.m. the next day and the child was asleep in her pack-and-play with nothing covering her face, the warrant said. He asked Janice Schubel to watch the child and left the house when she said she declined.

Flashback to 2004: Tony is outside Johnny Sack's and takes off through the woods as the Feds approach. He tosses his gun in the snow. From a neighbor's upstairs window, a teenaged boy watches. Later that night, the kid digs through the snow to find the gun and fires it - a new toy.

Back home, Tony watches the old home movies Janice gave him as a birthday gift, their childhood selves vying for attention and power of the garden hose. He gets a call from his lawyer, Mink. The Feds have taken up the gun charge, it hasn't gone away after all. "The good news is, if they had what they needed, we'd be having this conversation through glass."

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No other Sopranos character is more deserving of a firm slap to the face than Jackie Jr. The son of the deceased acting boss, Jackie Aprile, Jackie Jr. had everything handed to him. Instead of using his immense privilege to get an easy white-collar job, Jackie squanders everything. Even before he starts doing criminal acts, his demeanor, smirk, and body language is enough to make watchers loathe him.

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