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Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez

What Pokemon Are You

I'm really loving the designs of this gen so far! They seem to be taking the nice simplistic looks of old-school Gen 1 & Gen 2 pokemon and incorporating a new modern style to them similar to what we say with Gens 7 & 8. Say what you will about Sword and Sheild, but the designs of the new pokemon were really, really good and Gen 9 does not seem to be disappointing so far!

what pokemon are you

@wuntyme8 Just give it a try! No need to try to catch them all, just go in and have a good time! If you really dig the new pokemon then go back to Sword/Shield and Legends to fill out your living dex. Just have a good time first and foremost and don't let the "daunting nature" of all the pokemon and features hold you back! 041b061a72


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