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Ancient Gods Free Download (v1.1.2) !LINK!

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Ancient Gods Free Download (v1.1.2)

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Ancient Gods is a combination of gacha and deck-building rogue-lite. No need for the internet, you will experience unique adventures, and build OP decks from hundreds of cards and characters to conquer new challenges. [Features]* Mild strategy turn-based card battle- One versus One battle, single-player mode, decide on which cards to take to make awesome, flawless combinations! Adventure awaits, but can you make the right decision in the randomly generated events on your journey?* 30+ beautifully drawn characters to play with their own unique card and passives skill- Summon and complete your collection of gods* Classes and Skill System- Craft your own deck by choosing classes for your character* Combo system according to the color of the card you play* More than 300 cards to build[Story]Since ancient times, all the planets of the Solar System have had life. Inhabitants of most planets have very powerful powers, with the exception of Earth. One day, the Sun moved into a new era creating a terrifying explosion, burning all the planets. Earth is the only place to live, all the races on other planets have moved here, using all their strength to protect this last planet and get through the Apocalypse. As time passed, the original unity was gone, leaving behind the contempt of powerful races with Humans, who divided the land and ruled over Humans like slaves. At that moment, Humanity appeared 3 sisters with special powers, that is to copy the power of others. From there these Chosen Ones begin their journey to reclaim their planet.

In Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG, players will be immersed in a legendary story about the ancient gods and their powers. In the story, players will be introduced to gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and many others.

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The names for the planets of the Solar System (other than Earth) in the English language are derived from naming practices developed consecutively by the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans of antiquity. The practice of grafting the names of gods onto the planets was almost certainly borrowed from the Babylonians by the ancient Greeks, and thereafter from the Greeks by the Romans. The Babylonians named Venus after the Sumerian goddess of love with the Akkadian name Ishtar; Mars after their god of war, Nergal; Mercury after their god of wisdom Nabu; and Jupiter after their chief god, Marduk.[71] There are too many concordances between Greek and Babylonian naming conventions for them to have arisen separately.[17] Given the differences in mythology, the correspondence was not perfect. For instance, the Babylonian Nergal was a god of war, and thus the Greeks identified him with Ares. Unlike Ares, Nergal was also a god of pestilence and ruler of the underworld.[72][73][74]

In ancient Greece, the two great luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, were called Helios and Selene, two ancient Titanic deities; the slowest planet, Saturn, was called Phainon, the shiner; followed by Phaethon, Jupiter, "bright"; the red planet, Mars was known as Pyroeis, the "fiery"; the brightest, Venus, was known as Phosphoros, the light bringer; and the fleeting final planet, Mercury, was called Stilbon, the gleamer. The Greeks assigned each planet to one among their pantheon of gods, the Olympians and the earlier Titans:[17]

Although modern Greeks still use their ancient names for the planets, other European languages, because of the influence of the Roman Empire and, later, the Catholic Church, use the Roman (Latin) names rather than the Greek ones. The Romans inherited Proto-Indo-European mythology as the Greeks did and shared with them a common pantheon under different names, but the Romans lacked the rich narrative traditions that Greek poetic culture had given their gods. During the later period of the Roman Republic, Roman writers borrowed much of the Greek narratives and applied them to their own pantheon, to the point where they became virtually indistinguishable.[75] When the Romans studied Greek astronomy, they gave the planets their own gods' names: Mercurius (for Hermes), Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Ares), Iuppiter (Zeus) and Saturnus (Cronus). Some Romans, following a belief possibly originating in Mesopotamia but developed in Hellenistic Egypt, believed that the seven gods after whom the planets were named took hourly shifts in looking after affairs on Earth. The order of shifts went Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon (from the farthest to the closest planet).[76] Therefore, the first day was started by Saturn (1st hour), second day by Sun (25th hour), followed by Moon (49th hour), Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Because each day was named by the god that started it, this became the order of the days of the week in the Roman calendar.[77] In English, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are straightforward translations of these Roman names. The other days were renamed after Tīw (Tuesday), Wōden (Wednesday), Þunor (Thursday), and Frīġ (Friday), the Anglo-Saxon gods considered similar or equivalent to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, respectively.[78] 041b061a72


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